Michael Foot Health Reflexology, Foot Health care, and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
in Stafford & Cheltenham

Foot Health Practitioner provides home foot health care, reflexology and low level laser therapy (LLLT) - foot care in Cheltenham & Stafford:

I am a Foot Health Practitioner, Low Level Laser Light Therapist and Reflexologist providing private home visits for foot care and Reflexology in Cheltenham and Stafford. I am accredited, insured and committed to professional standards.

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Michael Foothealth offers these treatments to you in your own home:

I am trained to recognize, assess, advise upon, and treat a wide range of conditions and I offer a mobile service for foot care in Cheltenham and Stafford - allowing you to receive these treatments in the comfort of your own home:

  • Toe nail cutting, trimming, thinning & filing
  • Callus reduction, hard skin & corn removal. Corns and callus cause pain. Sharp debridement of hard skin (paring using the safe scalpel technique) and the enucleation of corns by scalpel or drill, reduces pain.
  • Verruca advice & treatment
  • Fungal toenails & infections
  • I can test for and advise upon Diabetic foot conditions & other "At Risk" feet problems. I am insured to treat the feet of Diabetes sufferers.
    Some conditions are very painful: Click here to go to Foot Health

  • pain relief and restoration of function - Low Level Laser Light Therapy

    Some people can suffer from painful neuropathy, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and other painful conditions, LLLT can help relieve pain. LLLT, Low Intensitity Laser or cold laser therapy is Photobiomodulation (PBM) : helping the body's natural healing process by the safe application of red and infrared light. It helps restore normal function, whether muscle, tendon or ligament. Low Level Laser Therapy is used to help many conditions like wounds and ulcers, deep tissue problems, pain relief, peripheral nerve regeneration, skin conditions and tendinitis. Relieving pain and restoring function and a better Range of Movement leads to better pain relief. Low Level Laser does not burn because it is cold laser. I can travel to you in Staffordshire or Gloucestershire to treat you with Low Level Laser Therapy. Click here to go to Low Level Laser


    Reflexology helps the body to bring itself back into balance by gentle hand or foot massage. I can enhance your holistic well being by reflexology massage.
    "I found the reflex therapy wonderfully relaxing." Lyn.
    "I don't know how, but reflexology hand treatment really did ease my discomfort. Amazing." Kathleen.

    I undertake reflexology in Staffordshire and Gloucestershire. Click here to go to Reflexology

    Contact Michael

    So if you are experiencing any of these conditions and would like a professional Foot Health Practitioner based in Stafford to visit you in your home for foot care in the Cheltenham area or foot care in the Stafford area and Reflexology or Low Level Laser Therapy in Staffordshire or Gloucestershire then Click here to Contact Michael or telephone 07756 348707

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