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Foot care treatments

As a registered Foot Health Practitioner, I take care of your feet. Whatever you need, from simply having your toenails cut to the treatment of verrucas, fungal nail infections, corns or calluses, I give your feet the care and attention they deserve.

"Michael is very professional, polite and skilled." Helen, Stafford

Foot care at home in Cheltenham and Stafford

Life is busy and when you have foot health issues it can be difficult to travel to appointments. So I bring the foot care to you. As a foot health care professional I treat you at home in many areas of Gloucestershire and Staffordshire, relieving pain and leaving you feeling healthier and relaxed.

Look after your feet and they’ll look after you.

Feet are complicated machines and we expect a lot from them. When a foot is injured or out of alignment, the pain can travel up your spine, causing your back and even your neck to feel sore. Orthotics may help bring your feet and posture back to normal and pain free. You may find it difficult to reach your feet or trim tough nails yourself. I attend to routine nail trimming, hard skin removal, paring corns and moisturising skin. I can spot problems in your feet and prevent a problem getting worse. If your feet are causing you pain or discomfort then your quality of life and mobility suffer. Foot health practitioners are professional foot care people who can keep you on your feet. If you've been thinking that you ought to get a foot problem sorted then it's time to give me a call.

Paying attention to your feet with my regular help will make you feel healthier, restoring mobility and improving quality of life. If you are struggling to manage diabetes I can help keep you on your feet. We often fail to look further than the feet. Conditions like peripheral vascular disease may go unnoticed even though that ulcer has resolved. You might get leg pain when walking that a short rest relieves. A simple doppler test might sign post a heart problem. My Masced training might suggest you need that angry mole on your skin checked out by a medical practitioner.

Did you know...

15% of people with diabetes will develop foot ulceration during their diabetic life and, at any one time, 5% of the population of the UK will have a foot ulcer. Many ulcers heal quickly but some fail to respond and lead to amputation. Diabetic patients are between 15 and 20 times more likely to come to a major amputation than patients without diabetes. So trimming corns, dealing with small breaks in the skin and caring for your feet are so important. If your feet are at risk from neuropathy and or ischaemia, then you might need my help.

I have an enhanced DBS check and I treat vulnerable adults in care homes in the Staffordshire area.

I understand that not everybody is able to look after their own feet. If you or someone you care for has mobility issues, impaired vision, or dementia, or if you are simply unable to manage your own foot care, I can do toenail cutting, trimming and filing, and also deal with issues like thickened nails and some ingrown toenails, too.

At risk feet

Sometimes we don’t realise that our feet need additional care. Perhaps you have diabetes, you’ve lost feeling in your feet or the circulation to your feet has been reduced. Regular foot care treatments can help to keep your feet healthy and avoid complications. Simple paddings and dressings can defend pressure areas and relieve pain.

I’m trained to recognise, monitor and protect at risk feet. With regular care and treatment and simple tests, I can spot changes, signs and symptoms, such as loss of sensation or a developing ulcer or melanoma and intervene early, or give advice to keep you safe and mobile. I follow NICE guidelines and I refer anyone who needs further help to a multidisciplinary NHS podiatry team.

Aculaser and low level laser light treatment

Low level laser light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that uses low power laser light to aid your body’s natural healing. The treatment is completely painless, free from drugs and their side effects. It is fully researched and evidence based. I’ll simply place a hand-held laser probe against your skin and the laser will pass into the tissue to help the healing process.

Low level laser light therapy uses a cold laser that doesn't burn. The light is absorbed by the body’s cells so they can repair themselves and perform their functions better. I trained with and use a laser from Omega Laser Systems Ltd. There are many scientific research papers referred to by Omega. The therapy is widely used in NHS, veterinary, equestrian, dentistry and in the complementary fields. It is evidence based. A wide variety of conditions can be treated.

Conditions that can be improved with low level laser light therapy include:

  • Wounds and ulcers
  • Deep tissue problems
  • Soft tissue injuries or conditions like plantar fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pain
  • Peripheral nerve regeneration
  • Skin conditions such as wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema and scar tissue
  • Tendonitis
  • Addictions

"I got a hairline fracture to my little toe when I turned my foot over during a game of squash. Michael treated it four times over four days. I needed to be fit for a month-long holiday in the Far East and to be honest I totally forgot it was there. It healed within 14 days so was fine for most of the holiday. I am back marathon running."
Jack, Cheltenham

During the initial free consultation for low level laser light therapy, we'll discuss your medical history and the help you need. From then on, I’ll usually see you once or twice a week for 30-minute treatments. You may feel a difference within the first two treatments, but how many you’ll have in total will be tailored to your needs.

"A course of treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis reduced the frequency and severity of episodes of painful flare-up in my wrists and knuckles."
Lyn, Cheltenham

I can use low level laser light therapy to influence specific acu points on the body without using acupuncture needles. Acu-laser is pain-free with no side effects and can be used to treat areas that traditional acupuncture needles can’t, such as inflamed, injured or painful areas.

contact me about acu-laser if you're are struggling with pain like fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome or if you'd like to quit smoking or kick any addiction.

I offer a free first consultation at your home in the Cheltenham and Staffordshire areas.

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