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Fertility & Conception Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology / Reproductive Reflexology

Reflexology can help with fertility and conception difficulties. Often reflexology and lifestyle changes can boost natural fertility for the man and woman, leading to successful pregnancy without the need for assisted conception treatment. Male health and sperm quality can be improved and the woman's menstrual cycle imbalances corrected.

I have completed further studies in the area of fertility and conception and have a deeper understanding of Fertility Reflexology. Often the man is neglected or maybe thinks "it's not for me." I am particularly interested in helping men with fertility issues where a male therapist input might help a couple trying for a baby. Sperm count is not the whole picture: quality depends on mobility or motility and form or morphology. A man's sperm might have DNA problems that can cause miscarriage. Advice on testing, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements and reflexology treatment over a 4 months lead time is advisable.
Fertility reflexology can truly help. I will need to see both of you, at least to start with if only the man is to be treated. I can support you through your conception journey. A course of treatment and close support is advised. I am undertaking further training in reproflexology: providing better support for a successful pregnancy.

Reflexology helps

Reflexology helps you relax. It can improve mood, aid sleep, relieve tension and reduce anxiety. The resulting sense of well-being can improve a couple’s chances of conceiving. Often a course of treatment is all that is needed to regulate the cycle, improve male fertility and help a couple conceive naturally.
Stress has a negative impact on fertility, so reducing stress is the number one priority.

Improve your chances of getting and staying pregnant with my help.

Supporting and Enhancing - Assisted conception

For those sub-fertility conditions which can respond to medical treatment, reflexology has a supporting role in enhancing that medical treatment. Reflexology then deals with reducing stress levels rather than trying to control hormone balance.
Nutritional and lifestyle factors can adversely impact health leading to sub-fertility in either or both of the man and woman. I encourage you to follow medical advice. Reflexology has a good track record for helping couples to have a baby and I can help as I have a deeper understanding of fertility and reproductive reflexology.
I aim to enhance the efficacy of your conventional medication and treatment protocols, reduce the side effects, helping you cope with the emotional and psychological demands of what can be a frustrating journey.

Free first consultation

I offer a free first consultation to see if fertility reflexology is right for you. If you want to proceed I send you a questionnaire to complete for the first treatment session, when we go through it together and see what you want and how it can best be achieved.
I prefer to see the couple together initially for a detailed consultation exploring relevant medical history and to discuss treatment planning based on previous fertility issues, tests and treatments, your lifestyles, preferences and requirements.
What reproduction issues might there be? Do they affect both the man and the woman or only one of you? Many factors and dysfunctions (some not at first obviously concerned with fertility) have an adverse impact on fertility. Reflexology can minimize their impact, improve male fertility and improve the woman’s ability to conceive naturally.
I build a picture of your fertility (for both the man and the woman), your journey so far, the medical tests you have undergone or may yet go through. If it is not already known, try to find out any possible reasons for sub-fertility and what might need to be done to help you. I ask detailed questions – because sometimes the smallest lifestyle changes can affect a couple’s chances of conceiving.

That's a Plan

We agree a supportive treatment plan: what reflexology is needed to improve your chances of conception. This is the reproductive reflexology assessment and plan. At each session this assessment is made to check progress and determine any changes to the plan. The aim is a programme of reflexology that enhances and supports the conventional medical treatment programme.
For example this might be:
Woman – weekly reflexology treatments until the menstrual cycle is regular, then twice a month until conception and then optional tender reflexology to support the pregnancy. Regulating the menstrual cycle by regular treatments throughout the cycle to re-balance and correct the female reproductive system so that it is brought closer to a natural state of health – redressing hormonal imbalances, improving physical conditions, preparing for pregnancy and managing stress levels, reducing anxiety and correcting any cycle irregularities. Sensitive, very gentle and supporting reflexology treatments and waiting periods are advised during assisted conception and implantation phases.

Man – weekly treatments for 8 weeks then fortnightly treatments thereafter. It takes three months for any lifestyle or nutrition changes or any treatment to affect the health of the male sperm. What tests have been done for the man? What further tests are available? I can advise on how to improve sperm quality with lifestyle and nutrition changes and reflexology treatment can also help reduce stress and maintain good levels of general health and well-being and so improve male fertility.

Working in Harmony

Conventional and complementary diagnosis work together in harmony to highlight the causes of sub-fertility and point the way as to which combination of treatments (both conventional and complementary) will likely have a positive effect on chances of conception and a successful pregnancy and realization of your goal of parenthood.

Close support at priority call

I provide advice and support throughout the medical protocol timetable:

Emotional support and balance in the safe environment of your own home.

Reducing the impact of those factors that contribute to sub-fertility and enhancing chances of natural conception

Improving chances with assisted conception; enhancing and supporting any implantation.

Massive discount one off

I offer a free initial consultation. If you are willing to take part as an anonymous case study, I offer 6 treatments at a discounted cost of £120 each for the 6 treatments. That's a massive 50% off. If you are spending the large sums on fertility treatments or have only one chance with one IVF course on the NHS, as is sometimes the case, then it may be a wise choice to enhance the chances of a successful pregnancy with a course of fertility reflexology.

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