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Reflexology, Foot Health Care and Low Level Laser Light Therapy in Cheltenham & Stafford, all in the comfort of your own home.

My name is Michael Reilly (DipCFHP MPSPract MAR ARR). I am a reflexologist & foot health practitioner practicing in Stafford and Cheltenham. I provide foot care in Cheltenham and Stafford - I am registered and insured. I provide a range of services including:
Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology in Staffordshire and Gloucestershire, foot care in Cheltenham and Stafford, Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) and Acu-Laser therapy. Please see below for more information on specific therapies. I treat vulnerable adults including dementia patients in care homes and I have a clear CRB, now enhanced DBS check.

Free first consultation with no obligation

For Fertility Reflexology and Low Level Laser Light Therapy I offer a free first consultation with no obligation. LLLT and Reflexology for Fertility are complex areas and deserve explanation to see if it is suitable for you.
I am very much interested in fertility issues and I provide support for this throughout Staffordshire and Gloucestershire. I provide healing with LLLT throughout the Cheltenham and Stafford areas.
I am accredited, insured and committed to professional standards.

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Light can heal - Low Level Laser Light Therapy: non-invasive, drug free and without side effects. Healing for the widest group of patients.

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is painless and safe:
LLLT relieves pain and restores function and has a regenerative effect
LLLT improves peripheral blood circulation and lymphatic circulation
LLLT reduces swelling: it has an anti-oedematous effect and an antiphlogistic effect.

"Michael has reduced the pain in my heel as a result of plantar fasciitis. After a course of 6 treatments my condition is much improved. Low Level Laser is proven to be very successful and I am pleased and very satisfied with the results and would recommend it."
Colin of Weston, Stafford.

Pain? Swelling? Sprain or strain? Tendinitis? Heel Spur pain? Peripheral Neuropathy? Addiction? Spider veins? Skin condition? Orthopedics, neurology, psychosomatic disorders, ENT, dermatology: so many disorders benefit from low intensity laser.

Many conditions benefit from Low Level Laser light. Few side effects and gentle healing. Low Level Laser does not burn because it is cold laser. I can travel to you in Staffordshire or Gloucestershire to treat you with Low Level Laser Therapy. I offer a free first consultation to explain LLLT and see if it's right for you: no obligation.

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Reflexology helps the body to bring itself back into balance by gentle foot or hand massage. The far reaching effects of reflexology stem from a state of deep relaxation that creates space for the mind and body to heal themselves. I can enhance your holistic well being by reflexology massage. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists. Stress and well-being are on a see-saw: too much stress and well-being goes down. Illnesses contribute to stress and stress causes illness. Beat stress and you're on the road to feeling better. As a reflexologist in Staffordshire and Gloucestershire I can help you feel better by reducing that adrenalin flood that wears down your well-being.

I undertake reflexology and fertility reflexology in Staffordshire and Gloucestershire.

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Fertility Reflexology - improve your chances of getting and staying pregnant

Are you trying for a baby? Having trouble conceiving? Need help with infertility?
Stress contributes to sub-fertility. Reflexology for fertility helps reduce stress and boost natural fertility.
Are you to undergo assisted conception treatment – IVF or ICSI? Reflexology for fertility supports and complements these medical assisted conception protocols to give you the best chance of conceiving. If you have only one chance, then boost the likelyhood of success with a course of reproflexology prior to and during your assisted conception treatment - I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. Your assisted conception treatment will be enhanced and supported and side effects reduced, giving you stress relief and emotional support at what is a stressful time.
I offer a free first consultation to see if reflexology for fertility is right for you. After a medical history discussion we agree a plan of treatments.
If you are considering reflexology to boost your fertility and are willing as a couple to have a course of 6 treatments, then I offer these 6 treatments for £240 the couple payable in advance: that's a discount of 50% off the normal price.

The best chance of achieving your goal of a successful pregnancy is a course of reflexology for fertility.

If you live in Staffordshire or Gloucestershire and need reflexology input with your fertility planning then please give me a call on 07756 348707

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I offer these foot care treatments:

I am a Foot Health Practitioner, providing private home visits for foot care throughout the Cheltenham and Stafford area. I offer a mobile service for foot care in Cheltenham and Stafford - allowing you to receive these treatments in the comfort of your own home:
Toe nail cutting, trimming, thinning & filing
Callus reduction, hard skin & corn removal. Corns and callus cause pain. Sharp debridement of hard skin (paring using the safe scalpel technique) and the enucleation of corns reduces pain.
Verruca advice & treatment
Fungal toenails & infections
I can test for and advise upon Diabetic foot conditions & other "At Risk" feet problems. I am insured to treat the feet of Diabetes sufferers.

"Michael is very professional, polite and skilled." Helen, Stafford.

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Feel free to contact me if you need more information or have any questions

I am a reflexologist practicing in Stafford and Cheltenham. I also offer Reflexology for fertility in the Cheltenham and Stafford area. I am a Foot Health Practitioner offering mobile foot care in Stafford and Cheltenham. I provide home visits so treatments can take place in the privacy and comfort of your own home. So if you are experiencing any of these conditions, or need to beat stress and rebalance your wellbeing and would like a professional Reflexologist & Foot Health Practitioner to visit you in Stafford & Cheltenham for foot care in the Cheltenham area or foot care in the Stafford area and Low Level Laser Therapy, Reflexology or Fertility Reflexology in Staffordshire or Gloucestershire then Contact me: Michael Reilly DipCFHP MPSPract MAR ARR: Fertility Reflexologist, Foot Health Practitioner & Low Level Laser Light Therapist
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or telephone 07756 348707

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