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Fertility Reflexology

When you're facing fertility issues it can be a difficult, emotional time and it is my privilege to help and support couples for whom a successful pregnancy has become an uphill task. Fertility reflexology enhances natural fertility as a stand-alone treatment or with all forms of assisted conception, including IVF.

We often think of fertility as a woman's issue, however, men can benefit from support as well. In fact, men are just as likely to suffer with fertility issues as women. Overall, fertility problems have been found to be be one-third female, one-third male and one-third joint. Fertility reflexology can rebalance menstrual cycles and hormonal problems, directly improve sperm quality and help with unexplained infertility.

A study done by the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists found that out of 180 couples, 122 conceived while they were having fertility reflexology. One hundred of them conceived naturally with reflexology and 22 of the couples who conceived were having fertility reflexology while going through IVF.

I’m a member of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and I’ve had specialist training as a fertility reflexologist to provide support for you as a couple from the time you begin trying to conceive. Fertility reflexology is a safe therapy to have during fertility treatment and pregnancy, too.

Support for both of you

Fertility reflexology for both partners can support natural conception and any fertility treatment you may be going through. As a male therapist, I understand that fertility can be a very delicate issue for men, and I am particularly interested in helping men who are finding it difficult to start a family. Medical tests have shown that sperm quality can be improved after three months of fertility reflexology.

Conceiving naturally with fertility reflexology

Right from when you decide you’d like to start a family, fertility reflexology can support natural conception. You may be concerned about irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis, reduced ovarian reserve, or low sperm count, form or motility.

Fertility reflexology can boost natural fertility for both partners, leading to successful pregnancy without the need for assisted conception treatment, by improving sperm quality and correcting menstrual cycle imbalances. I can also offer support and advice that will help to prepare your body for conception and a more resilient and therefore a more likely successful pregnancy.

Ordinary sperm testing might show healthy sperm form and movement, but it won't reveal any DNA fragmentation, which can cause fertility problems. If it becomes advisable, I can help with a referral for testing for this hidden issue at a specialist clinic.

Stress is a major factor in suppressing fertility. Reducing stress is very important for optimal reproductive health and fertility reflexology can help you to sleep better and feel happier and more relaxed.

Fertility reflexology to support assisted conception

Fertility reflexology can better prepare your body for any assisted conception treatment, support you while you're going through treatment and help to reduce side effects.

Going through IVF, IUI, ICSI or taking Clomid can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating experience. That’s why when I treat couples who are having fertility treatment, I focus on relaxation. It’s my role to help you through this difficult and emotional process.

Fertility reflexology can also be used to support couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF cycles.

The treatment process

I offer a free first telephone conversation to see if fertility reflexology is right for you. My first visit is an in depth consultation. It’s important that both you and your partner are present at this appointment. The charge is £50 per visit. Discounts available for a pre-paid course of treatment.

Afterwards, we can book our first treatment session and I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete for that appointment. We’ll discuss any relevant medical history, tests and treatment that you may be having, as well as your lifestyle, to create a complete picture of your fertility journey so far.

Together, we’ll agree on a treatment plan to enhance and support any medical treatments that you may be going through. In addition to reflexology, we can talk about supplementing, as well as lifestyle changes, which can help to improve your chances of conception and a successful pregnancy.

Fertility reflexology and the support, self-treatment, lifestyle and nutrition advice that I give can rebalance menstrual cycles, improve sperm quality and help to maintain a pregnancy.

Contact me to book a free telephone consultation for fertility reflexology.

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